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Prometheon's Network and Systems Hardening Services

At Prometheon, we understand that the strength of your security is directly linked to the performance of your surveillance system. That’s why our CCTV System Consulting services are designed to take your security to the next level. We leave no room for uncertainty, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision and clarity. We make use in the latest technologies available to assist with a holistic system. From using advanced unmanned aerial systems for coverage audits and planning to proprietary software to precisely harden and tune the servers, we make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

Why CCTV System Performance Matters:

The integrity of your surveillance system is vital. A poorly tuned CCTV system can result in choppy video, missed recordings, and various artifacts. These issues can have significant repercussions, affecting insurance claims, security effectiveness, and overall system integrity.

  • Insurance Claims: When incidents occur, insurance claims often rely on video evidence. Choppy or missing footage can lead to disputes, delaying or jeopardizing your claim.
  • Security Effectiveness: A surveillance system is only as good as its footage. Missed recordings can mean missing crucial events, compromising your security.
  • System Integrity: Artifacts in your video feed can make it challenging to identify individuals or incidents accurately. A well-tuned system ensures you capture every detail.

Our expertise, including certifications with Genetec, Axis, and other major vendors, allows us to provide unparalleled service. We specialize in system design, system hardening, auditing, and performance tuning to guarantee premium surveillance quality.

Why Choose Prometheon:

  • Certified Excellence: Our certifications reflect our commitment to excellence and expertise in CCTV systems.
  • Security Fortification: We enhance your system’s security to protect against cyber threats, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Flawless Operation: Our services guarantee that your system operates flawlessly, leaving no room for missed recordings or choppy video.
  • Premium Performance: Our custom Genetec workstations optimize your surveillance system’s performance, capturing every crucial detail.

Elevate your security with Prometheon’s CCTV System Consulting services. Whether you’re a business, organization, or government agency, we’re your trusted partner in achieving top-tier surveillance quality. Contact us today, and let’s ensure your security remains uncompromised. Your safety and system integrity are our top priorities.


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